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NSO evo3 Integrated Display Solutions

The new generation of NSO evo3 multifunction display systems combine a high-performance marine processor with a touchscreen display to offer fully integrated control of a wide range of Simrad and third-party marine electronics. This new all-in-one design simplifies installation, while preserving the power and flexibility that make the NSO series an ideal navigation system or accessory aboard a wide range of workboats and other commercial vessels.

NSO evo3 offers a modern, centralised “glass bridge” solution to navigation, autopilot, radar, echosounder, and other key systems aboard non-SOLAS vessels. NSO evo3 can be used to add supplementary or special-purpose capbilities to any vessel, such as close-range radar for docking or anti-piracy applications, StructureScan® 3D imaging to aid searches or surveys, sonar bathymetric and vegetation mapping for research purposes, and much more.

Easily network NSO evo3 units together to create a multi-display system with ultimate redundancy, in which any individual display can independently take control of all networked accessories.

Every NSO evo3 system includes a high-definition (1920 x 1080-pixel) display that puts you in total control of your on-board electronics through an easy-to-use touchscreen interface. These bright, multi-touch displays can be viewed from any angle, even when wearing polarised sunglasses. The high resolution not only provides exceptional clarity, but supports up to a six-panel split-screen layout.

Each display is powered by a high-performance iMX6 quad-core processor that takes responsiveness to a new level with quicker chart redraws, our fastest updates yet, and instant response to every tap of the touchscreen. NSO evo3 can easily power current Simrad technology such as Halo™ Pulse Compression radar, the S5100 CHIRP Sounder module, ForwardScan™ forward-looking sonar, and StructureScan® 3D sonar imaging, with power to spare for future high-performance innovations.

NSO evo3 can connect to smartphones, tablets, and internet hotspots with integrated wireless connectivity, enabling screen mirroring to mobile devices and easy access to software updates. The displays also feature a broad range of wired connectivity options including NMEA 0183® interfaces, NMEA 2000® networking, J1939 engine compatibility, Ethernet networking, USB connectivity, and HDMI input/output.

NSO evo3 displays can be purchased standalone or as part of a system kit including a GPS antenna, chart card reader, NMEA 2000® Starter Kit and OP50 Remote Controller. The OP50 provides keypad control of up to six separate displays, perfect for a multi-display helm layout.