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Meet the New NSSevo3S™

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the new SIMRAD NSSevo3S chartplotter/GPS, boasting unrivalled performance, features and connectivity. 

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The next level in on board functionality

Available in 9-, 12- and 16-inch models, the SIMRAD NSSevo3S allows users to experience unprecedented levels of built-in functionality under all conditions using charts, radar, sonar, and more. With a built-in GPS receiver and high performance echo sounder, support for HALO® dome and open array radars, as well as integration with an industry-leading range of Simrad autopilot systems, the SIMRAD NSSevo3S has all your needs covered.

“Our team is always pushing for improved functionality that delivers better results and user experiences,” said Mike Fargo, EVP Simrad, Navico Group. “The new SIMRAD NSSevo3S delivers exactly that – an extensive range of user modules powered by advanced levels of navigation functionality. We believe this level of performance is really going to impress our users!’’

SolarMAX® IPS displays for clear views in any conditions

With a clear view in any lighting conditions, SolarMAX IPS technology keeps everything in sight with ultra-wide viewing angles, even while wearing polarised sunglasses. These all-weather screens have been engineered to withstand the heat of the summer sun and are optically bonded to prevent condensation or fogging within the display. It’s easier than ever to instantly access and control all on-board electronics via simple menus and customisable split-screen layouts.

Built-in high performance echosounder

1kW CHIRP-enabled sonar provides exceptional bottom-tracking performance, including support for dual-channel CHIRP transducers that deliver multiple depth range coverage from a single unit. Dual transducer ports offer the convenience of connecting multiple transducers to a single display. Better-than-ever processing muscle easily powers ForwardScan® sonar, which offers the safest on-water experience with crystal clear views of the bottom ahead. 

Fast and simple networking connecting a wide range of accessories

Industry-standard connectivity makes it easy to create multi-display systems and link displays to all on-board electronics; while the new iMX 8 high-performance processor ensures engine and fuel monitoring in real-time, control of on-board sound systems and much more. Systems can easily be expanded by adding Simrad modules and accessories - incredible visibility with legendary HALO® Pulse Compression radar and automated control with a fully integrated Simrad autopilot.

Wireless connectivity to smartphone or tablet

Displays can be mirrored to compatible iOS and Android devices for access to charts, radar, sonar, engine data and more from anywhere on board. Wireless connectivity also enables easy on-line software upgrades through any internet hotspot, giving access to the latest features and accessory support.

Key Features

  • iMX 8 integrated processor for superior performance.
  • SolarMAX IPS display with ultra-wide viewing angles; viewable through Polarized sunglasses.
  • Built in high-performance echosounder with 1kW CHIRP.
  • Built-in GPS receiver and wireless connectivity.
  • Industry-standard connectivity to engines, sound system, and more.
  • Control of Simrad sonar, radar, autopilot, and other accessories.