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C-MAP® Launches FleetManager 4.0

The most powerful and intuitive insight into vessel performance yet

Egersund, Norway – C-MAP®, the leading provider of commercial marine charting and cloud-based software solutions for fleet management and route optimization, has launched FleetManager 4.0, the most impressive web-based fleet management solution to date. 

A decade from the launch of the first ever FleetManager, this new version incorporates an all-new, lightning-fast interface, full integration of Microsoft Power BI, universal browser compatibility, and new weather data overlays. All this along with the existing powerful fleet tracking, reporting, and analysis features on which shoreside managers trust and depend.

New features include:

  • New HTML5-based web interface with a modern look and feel while retaining the workflow and features users rely upon
  • Compatibility with all modern internet browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Edge, for ease-of-use
  • Full integration of Microsoft® Power BI business intelligence and analytics dashboards, allowing users to see a graphical representation of all their ship’s data in real-time and offering increased visibility and transparency into the performance of their fleet
  • Visibility and comparison of C-MAP Routing Service’s recommended route(s) against the Master’s intended route(s)
  • 17 new types of weather forecast data (“layers”) that can be overlaid on the display. Available weather layers now include sea surface temperature, fog/visibility, precipitation, and ice; in addition to layers such as wind speed, wave height, surface pressure, and tropical storm tracks that were available previously
  • Mobile and tablet support currently in beta and coming soon

These latest updates complement and work alongside current FleetManager features including an extensive library of pre-built reports covering vessel performance, efficiency, and government-mandated reports; and proactive, real-time alerts for underperformance and schedule deviations, data validation to prevent “garbage in, garbage out,” plus much more.

“FleetManager 4.0 is the largest and most impressive update to our FleetManager solution yet and marks two years’ worth of development and dedicated work from our experts to produce the most powerful fleet intelligence and management solution ever delivered to the market,” said Niles Baker, Global Sales Lead of Fleet Products and Services, C-MAP. “With improved integration, more real-time data and a lightning-fast interface, it ensures shoreside managers can continue to get the insights and make decisions whenever they want, where they want and all in one place.”

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