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C-MAP® Commercial Releases NAVAREA Warning System for IMS™

Continual improvements to C-MAP IMS in 2.2.2 release

Egersund, Norway – C-MAP®, a leader in digital marine cartography for commercial vessels, announces a new service, along with a number of improvements and features to its existing, next generation back-of-bridge voyage planning station.

C-MAP IMS™ integrates with C-MAP’s range of fleet management tools, simplifying on-board navigation and delivering unparalleled insight to operations managers. Customers can enable only the modules needed, for a cost-effective and streamlined operation.

The addition of NAVAREA Warnings is one of many new features and improvements that are available with the IMS 2.2.2 release.

NAVAREA Warnings Service

Compared to the standard, manual process for working with the World-Wide Navigational Warning Service (WWNWS) data, C-MAP’s NAVAREA Warnings Service delivers a convenient, automated and continually updated data set fully integrated with the crew’s existing voyage planning and weather routing workflow.

C-MAP’s NAVAREA Warning Service includes:

  • Global coverage of NAVAREA warnings
  • Global coverage of Sub-Area warnings
  • Coastal warnings for: Baltic, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, South Africa, India, Japan, New Zealand and Norway, with additional regions available on request

IMS overlays NAVAREA Warnings on the chart, supports search for NAVAREA Warnings along the route, and includes them on the Passage Plan Report. NAVAREA data is updated daily via internet or email. NAVAREA Warnings Service requires a subscription and is supported in IMS 2.2.2 and later.



C-MAP IMS is the industry’s most advanced back-of-bridge planning station. It supports a modern and efficient workflow for automated chart and publication management, and a comprehensive set of simple-to-use but powerful tools for route planning, graphical and quantitative analysis of weather and navigational data.

IMS Voyage Planning is available free of charge to C-MAP commercial chart customers. For Weather Routing or Route Optimization, upgrade to IMS Plus or IMS Pro.

C-MAP IMS Ensures:

  • SAFETY – Reducing the risk to crew, cargo, and vessel from adverse weather
  • COMPLIANCE – Allowing incorporation of company navigation policies to routing decisions, management of chart data and licenses for port state compliance
  • EFFICIENCY – Automating tedious manual and error prone route planning tasks such navigational and weather calculations
  • ROI – Delivering visibility into and reducing voyage and bunker costs, protecting against expensive and disruptive damage, enhancing schedule predictability

For more information about C-MAP IMS visit or email: