On the water, luxury is about more than apperances. It’s about safety, security, confidence, and the ability to take absolute control in the wildest and most uncontrollable environments on Earth. We offer a complete range of electronics to extend the horizons of the world’s leading super-yachts and mega-yachts — bringing this kind of luxury, real luxury, to the helm and beyond.

Aboard ocean-going superyachts, integration is key. The modern yacht is built around technology – from the navigation, communication, and safety systems operated by her crew, to the lighting, HVAC, and other applicances that provide passengers with the comforts of home.

Engines, tanks, every last instrument, every control, every circuit, every single fuse needs to be monitored, managed, and maintained. In an integrated system, every one of these components can be accessed through a simple, intuitive touchscreen interface – giving crew the ability to manage the seemingly unmanageable with ease and eficiency.

Vessel wide integrated systems

Simrad electronics provide the building blocks for a bespoke, vessel-wide integrated system; a system operated through a “glass bridge” comprised of touchscreen multifunction displays, and wirelessly connected mobile devices. Our highly customisable displays can be configured to meet the needs of your vessel and crew, while intuitive “no-manual-required” operation minimises training overhead for new or temporary crew members.

Simrad navigation, charting, radar, sonar, communicatons, and other solutions are avilable to suit ocean-going superyachts of any size and configuration.

  • Travel in greater safety with revolutionary radar technology delivering advanced long-distance weather monitoring, collision avoidance, and anti-piracy capabilities.
  • Navigate shallow or poorly-charted waters in greater confidence with forward-looking sonar technology.
  • Stay in touch anywhere on board with wireless radio handsets that provide a single solution for both vessel-to-vessel and internal crew communications.

The options to expand your system are limitless, and seamless integration brings everything together behind a single intuitive interface. This system-wide integration enables crew to perform their duties efficiently and effectively – often from almost any station if required – while providing captains and owners with a complete view of vessel status from anywhere on board.

Even when you have ultimate visibility and control on-board, what happens when you’re away from your vessel?

Remote monitoring and control solutions provide a wealth of advantages, from global vessel tracking and security to advanced remote diagnostics and maintenance planning.

Backed by worldwide service and support

Boat builders, captains, and owners around the world trust Simrad electronics across a wide variety of maritime settings: from the commercial marine industry to the offshore sportfishing and recreational powerboating scenes. Our systems are backed by worldwide service and support, automated on-board diagnostic tools, and efficient online updates to continually enhance functionality and performance. It’s this multi-faceted approach to maximising reliability and minimising downtime that earns us the trust of so many marine industry professionals and enthusiasts.