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R5024 30U/12S CAT 2 Radar

SKU: 000-14622-001

This S-Band radar system meets type approval standards for use aboard CAT 2 SOLAS vessels. Reliably detect targets in poor weather conditions with a 12-foot open array and 30 kilowatt up-mast transceiver. A modern and intuitive interface offers ease of use, while a modular design enables simple yet flexible installation.

Product details

Type-Approved S-Band Radar
S-Band radar offers a secondary system to X-Band radar, and delivers superior target detection in harsh weather conditions such as rain or fog. This complete system meets type approval standards for use aboard CAT 2 SOLAS vessels, including high speed craft, and includes a lightweight 12-foot open array antenna with 30 kilowatt up-mast transceiver. An up-mast design supports easy and cost-effective installation, with just two thin cables between the antenna and the rest of the system. Cable runs of up to 65 metres are supported, and a digital connection between the transceiver and control station ensures a crystal clear picture.

Easy to Learn and Operate
Our R5000 systems are designed for ease of use, and feature a modern interface with intuitive keypad and trackball controls. The R5024 includes a 24-inch widescreen display to give operators constant access to key information, alerts, and settings without distracting from the central PPI. The same interface is used across our complete series of X-Band and S-Band solutions, offering a consistent experience for operators of multi-radar systems.

Simple and Flexible Installation
This modular system is based on the R5000 radar processor: a high performance ‘black-box’ system that connects directly to the transceiver via a thin and easy-to-route Ethernet cable. The R5000’s compact design enables easy installation, even aboard smaller vessels. Multiple R5000 processors can be networked together to create multi-radar systems, including up to four radar transceivers, four individual control stations, and additional ‘clone’ stations. In a fully networked system any station can control any connected radar system, offering both flexibility and redundancy.

Minimum product requirements

Additional hardware such as position and heading sensors may be required. Multi-radar or multi-station systems may require a network switch.

Key Features

  • S-Band radar offers superior target detection to X-Band in harsh weather conditions
  • Lightweight 12-foot open array antenna with 30 kW up-mast transceiver
  • Meets type-approval standards for use aboard CAT 2 (H) SOLAS vessels
  • 24-inch optically bonded widescreen display
  • Modern user interface with intuitive keypad and trackball controls
  • Modular system for ease of installation
  • Create multi-radar and multi-station systems

What's in the box?

  • Simrad M5024 Monitor


1 x DVI-D Output to M5000 Monitor, 1 x DVI-D Output to VDR
NMEA 2000 Connectivity
1 x NMEA 2000 Micro-C port, for O2000 Remote Controller only
Beam width
1.9 x 24
Min Range, scale
1/8 NM
Recommended Fuse Rating
10 Amp
Max Wind Speed
100 kts at 20 RPM
Supply Voltage
110/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz (+/- 10%)
Operating Temperature Range
-15°C to 55°C for protected units, -25°C to 55°C for exposed units. (According to IEC 60945 ed 4.0)
Backlight Color
16.7 million colours
Viewing Angles
160 degrees
Display Resolution
1920 x 1080
Warranty Period
2 Years
Storage Temperature Range
-20°C to 60°C for protected units, -25°C to 70°C for exposed units. (According to IEC 60945 ed 4.0)
Rotation speed
22/44 RPM
Ethernet Ports
3 x RJ45 Ports x 100Mbit. Radar
Screen Brightness
300 nit
Dimensions Diameter
371 cm Swing Circle (146.1")
Power Consumption typical
686 watts
Max Range, scale
72 NM
Power Consumption max
936 watts
According to IEC 60945 ed. 4.0
Shock Vibration
According to RMRS rules (2-020101-040-E Vol 2 Environmental Test of Equipment
Ethernet, Serial, DVI-D, USB
Radar Modes
Head Up, North Up, Course Up in Relative Motion, North Up, Course Up in True Motion
Approvals Compliance
IMO Res.MSC.192(79), IMO Res.A.278(VIII), IMO Res.MSC.302(87), IMO Res.A.694(17), ITU-R M.1177-4 (04/11), IMO Res.MSC.191(79)
IPX6 for SRT and Monitor (when flush mounted with gasket), IPX2 for Processor and PSU
Type Approval
Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 2014/90/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 23 July 2014 on marine equipment, IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2020/1170 of 16 July 2020.
NMEA2000 Not supported
Compass Safe
Processor and PSU 0.3 m Std. 0.24 m Steer
Sart Racon
RACON trigger at approximately 9.6 NM
NMEA 0183 Sentences supported
Received messages, ACK, ACN, DTM, GGA, GLL, GNS, HBT, HDT, THS, VBW, VDM, VDO, VHW, VTG, ZDA. Transmitted messages, ALC, ALF, ALR, ARC, EVE, HBT, OSD, RSD, TTM, TLB, TTD,
Radar Technology
S Band Pulse Radar
Mounting Type
Up Mast Radar Transceiver