Simrad MX420 / AIS

This product is discontinued.

The very first DGPS navigator combining the state-of-the-art Automatic Identification System in one simple unit.

  • IMO compliant transponder developed by SAAB Transponder Tech
  • Automatic transmission of IMO number, call sign and name, ship dimensions and type, position
  • Can be easily integrated with shore-based Vessel Traffic System (VTS) and ship’s on-board radar.
  • World-class reputation for accuracy and reliability

    MX420/2 has been replaced with MX510 CDU
    MX420/8 has been replaced with MX512 CDU

    The MX 420/AIS seamlessly integrates the safety of AIS technology with the conveniences of the MX 420/8, already the most advanced DGPS navigator on the market.

    The MX420/AIS automatically transmits vital data, including ship identification, cargo information, GPS coordinates, as well as route information such as ETA, speed, and rate of turn. The AIS system relieves officers of the watch, radar controllers, and land-based VTS Center Watchmen from once impossible tasks by transmitting, receiving, and updating vital information automatically, even during inclement weather and poor visibility.

    With only one combined Control and Display Unit, you can now access all related information and still command full control of all GPS, DGPS and AIS functions. The system connects directly to the ship's navigation sensors as well as ECDIS, ARPA and your other shipboard information systems.

    Adding AIS to navigation for spontaneous ship-to-ship or ship-to-shore recognition will greatly enhance safety at sea, and provide mariners with new levels of real-time information. Designed with the deep-sea commercial mariner in mind, we have created multiple configurations to suit the size and complexity of any vessel.

    Our MX420 Navigation System has the industry's brightest displays and, of course, the legendary World's Most Accurate.

    The MX420 Navigation System utilizes the latest achievements in GPS technology, developed in our partnership with IBM. The results are nothing short of astounding! Our Autonomous GPS accuracy is now typically 2.5 meters and our DGPS beacon accuracy is an astonishing 1 meter! The GPS and the DGPS beacon receivers now reside inside our new Smart Antenna (MX421 or MX421B).

    In the full system configuration, the MX420 Control and Display Unit connects directly to the ship's gyro and speed log, as well as to ECDIS, ARPA, SatCom and the Pilot's laptop.

    In addition, there are dedicated ports for the MX421 Smart GPS/DGPS Antenna and the AIS transponder, as well as an optional second MX420 system for full redundancy.


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