How to choose an Autopilot system

Choosing the right autopilot can be one of the most important decisions a ship owner has to make. Use the below tool to simplify the autopilot component selection based on the vessel's configuration and set up.

Follow the 5 steps below and then review the list of required components at the bottom of the page.

Choose your computer
Choose your thruster interface
Choose your remotes
Intelligent Remotes:
NF80 Non follow up remote
FU80 Follow up remote
QS80 Quickstick remote

Steering levers:
S9 Steering lever (NFU)
S35 Non Follow up steering lever
JS10 Steering lever (NFU)
R3000X hand-held remote control
Choose your display
Select your display:
AP70 control unit
AP80 control unit

Choose your heading sensor
Choose your instruments
Panorama Mk2 (45° 0 -45°)
IS70 Rudder Indicator RI70-45
IS70 Rudder Indicator RI70-90
IS80 Rudder Indicator RI80-45
IS80 Rudder Indicator RI80-90
IS70 ROT Indicator RT70-30
IS70 ROT Indicator RT70-120
IS70 ROT Indicator RT70-300
IS80 ROT Indicator RT81-30
IS80 ROT Indicator RT81-120
IS80 ROT Indicator RT81-300
Choose your rudder feedback unit

Selected Components

Autopilot computer
Thruster interface
Rudder feedback units
Heading Sensors

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