Simrad ECDIS Type Specific Training

Take advantage of the varied Simrad ECDIS training programmes to ensure captains, bridge officers and watch teams are confident in the use of all Simrad ECDIS systems. Choose from the following options below:

Option 1: Navico Online Learning Academy (NOLA)

The Simrad 2015 Simrad ECDIS Type Specific Training can be completed using the NOLA platform for Simrad CS68 and Simrad E5024 systems. NOLA ECDIS Training consists of static training material covering the basic operation and use of the Simrad ECDIS Systems.

Download the instructions on how to register. 


Option 2: Safebridge

Navico have an agreement with Safebridge to provide online learning for Simrad MARIS ECDIS 900 and Simrad E5024 as an alternative.

Safebridge requires server software installation. It provides dynamic training materials covering the basic operation and use of the Simrad ECDIS Systems as well as a “freeplay” mode allowing demonstration use of the Simrad E5024 and Simrad MARIS ECDIS900 systems.

Operator Type Specific Training Certificates are issued as evidence of successful completion of either course option.

Visit the SafeBridge website. 


Option 3: Classroom-Type Approved Training

Bespoke classroom training courses can be provided at our three NLA training sites, please email us at [email protected] for more information.


*Onboard training is also available in several key areas in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe.