Halo™ Radar

The award-winning Halo™ Radar uses Pulse Compression technology to deliver an unprecedented mix of close and long range detection, precise target definition and low clutter.

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NSS evo3

Discover exceptional clarity, wide viewing angles, and enhanced controls for easier display operation in all conditions with the all-new NSS evo3. 

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Confidence to go where the job takes you



Darwin Port pilot boat chooses Halo™ Radar

"Most of our commercial vessels are fully fitted with Simrad gear," explains Bill J. Wright of Australian boat builder Norman R. Wright & Sons. 

"We’ve selected this because we know it’s reliable, and it’s very easy for us to use. The Halo radar is definitely the best radar I’ve used in my lifetime."

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NSS evo3 "beyond anything we expected"

"For electronics packages for our boat, there was a clear winner, it was Simrad, they are of exceptional quality." 

The team from Carson opted for twin NSS evo3 displays in their new Interceptor 950, stating: "The new screens provide clear vision from almost any angle...the functionality is beyond anything we expected."

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Brisbane Pilots: Halo™ Radar is "unmatched"

"It’s like having two open scanners combined in one. The super-clear display has no clutter and unmatched target resolution. This latest technology provides us with invaluable support in the safe navigation of ships in Brisbane’s busy port approaches and terminal areas," says Senior Coxswain Neal Higgs of the Brisbane Marine Pilots authority.

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Work Boat World inspects Simrad wheelhouse 

The Daisy Mae works comfortable along the Hudson River in New York, fitted with an extensive set of Simrad electronics.

Two HALO-4 pulse compression radars are displayed through NSS16 evo3 multi function screens. 

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