Simrad R5000 S-Band Radar Systems

Simrad R5000 radar systems are available in a range of configurations to meet the requirement for an IMO type-approved S-Band radar system aboard CAT 1(H) and CAT 2(H) SOLAS vessels. A modular design makes it easy to create a single or multi-radar system for commercial vessels of any size and type.

Additional hardware such as position and heading sensors may be required. Multi-radar or multi-station systems may require a network switch.

  • S-Band radar offers superior target detection to X-Band in harsh weather conditions
  • Lightweight 12-foot open array antenna
  • 30 kW up-mast or down-mast transceiver
  • Solutions available to suit CAT 1 (H) and CAT 2 (H) SOLAS vessels
  • Modern user interface with intuitive keypad and trackball controls
  • 24 and 27-inch widescreen display options (category dependent)
  • Modular system for ease of installation
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    Type-Approved S-Band Radar Solutions
    < br/> S-Band radar serves as a secondary system aboard SOLAS vessels of 3,000 GT and above, and offers superior target detection to X-Band radar in poor weather conditions such as rain or fog. We offer IMO type-approved S-Band radar solutions for use aboard CAT 1 and CAT 2 vessels, including high speed craft (HSC). A lightweight 12-foot open array antenna is paired with a 30-kilowatt S-Band transceiver; the transceiver is available in an up-mast configuration for simple and cost-effective installation, or down-mast configuration for enhanced serviceability and resistance to harsh environmental conditions.

    Easy to Learn and Operate
    < br/> Our R5000 systems are designed for ease of use, and feature a modern interface with intuitive keypad and trackball controls. Widescreen displays give operators constant access to key information, alerts, and settings without distracting from the central PPI. The same interface is used across our complete series of X-Band and S-Band solutions, offering a consistent experience for operators of multi-radar systems.

    Simple and Flexible Installation
    < br/> Each of our modular systems is based on the R5000 radar processor: a high performance ‘black-box’ system that connects to the radar transceiver via a thin and easy-to-route Ethernet cable. Multiple R5000 processors can be networked together to create multi-radar systems, and to provide access to radar from multiple stations. Any networked station can control any connected radar system, offering both flexibility and redundancy.


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