Digital Services

We offer a complete portfolio of digital charts, publications, and services to meet the needs of fleet managers and professional mariners.

  • Our commercial division is a leading-edge innovator of electronic navigation systems and digital content
  • We offer a wide range of digital charts, publications, and value-added services for use with any certified ECDIS
  • With the customisable Simrad MARIS ECDIS900 platform, we can serve as a single-source provider of hardware, installation, digital products and services
  • We are a certified distributor for United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO), PRIMAR, IC-ENC, C-Map, and NAVTOR digital charts
  • As a certified Pay as You Sail (PAYS) ENC distributor, we can deliver cost-effective chart management for vessels sailing dynamic routes
  • Our dedicated Simrad MARIS Digital Services team provides professional service and specialist support for commercial mariners


Digital Services Portfolio

In addition to a complete catalogue of digital charts and publications, we offer a range of on-board digital services for professional mariners and web-accessible fleet management tools for ship owners.

Digital Charts
We offer UKHO, PRIMAR, IC-ENC, and NAVTOR digital charts suitable for use aboard IMO SOLAS vessels with type-approved ECDIS hardware. A range of licencing options provide cost-effective coverage for various operational needs.

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Digital Publications
As an authorized distributor of UKHO and Witherby Publishing Group, we offer a range of digital publications such as Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP), UKHO electronic Nautial Publications (e-NP), IMO publications, and Shipping Guides.

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Digital Services
Simrad Master Bridge Assistant (MBA) is an ECDIS-independent software solution that allows navigators to manage electronic and paper chart portfolios, digital publications, routes, weather information and much more through a range of customisable modules.

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Fleet Management
Simrad Customer Portal (MCP) is a web-based solution that enables fleet management teams to effectively monitor and control consumption, compliance, and cost of onboard digital services via an easy-to-use graphical interface.

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