The term “workboat” covers a diverse range of applications, from pilot boats and tugs to specialised industrial and research vessels. We offer an extensive portfolio of marine electronics to meet these diverse needs. From navigation and charting to radar, sonar, and instrumentation, our equipment delivers safety, reliability, ease of use, and unique competitive advantages in any commercial application.

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New Darwin Port pilot boat fully fitted with Simrad gear


In late 2016, Australian boat builder Norman R. Wright & Sons delivered a new pilot boat to the country’s Darwin Port, fully fitted with Simrad navigation and communication solutions including four 16-inch touchscreen displays, VHF, autopilot, sonar, and the latest Halo™ Pulse Compression radar technology.

"Most of our commercial vessels are fully fitted with Simrad gear," explains the company’s Bill J. Wright. "We’ve selected this because we know it’s reliable, and it’s very easy for us to use. The Halo radar is definitely the best radar I’ve used in my lifetime."

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Brisbane Pilots: "Thumbs-Up" for State-of-the-Art Simrad Radar Upgrade


Halo™ radar and Simrad multifunction display systems feature aboard multiple pilot boats operated by Brisbane Marine Pilots in Queensland, Australia.

"As pilots, one of the most important advantages [of Halo™ radar] is the simultaneous display of close and long-range targets," says Senior Coxswain Neal Higgs for the Brisbane Marine Pilots authority. "It’s like having two open scanners combined in one. The super-clear display has no clutter and unmatched target resolution. This latest technology provides us with invaluable support in the safe navigation of ships in Brisbane’s busy port approaches and terminal areas."

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Simrad equips Vane Brothers tugs


Leading US towing operator The Vane Brothers Company has begun fitting Simrad electronics suites aboard its newly commissioned tugs, beginning with the 3,000-horsepower Sassafras-class Fort Schuyler delivered by Chesapeake Shipbuilding in November 2015.

The Navico commercial division offers a wide range of Simrad marine electronics to suit commercial applications aboard non-IMO and IMO SOLAS vessels. Our certified dealers and installers work with clients such as The Vane Brothers Company to create customised solutions incorporating the latest technology for any vessel and purpose.

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Steering Solutions for Tugs


Unlike most commercial offshore vessels, tugs are often double-ended and can move forwards and backwards. This presents a challenge for auto-steering systems, which are typically only designed to handle forward motion in a single pre-configured direction. We offer a cost-effective solution for double-ended vessels, with the ability to dynamically switch the direction of travel on select autopilot systems.

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