Simrad Broadband 4G™ Radar

Broadband 4G™ Radar has an impressive 50% improvement in range and target detection capability, with a new 36nm range and 18 range scales to accomodate the increased performance.

  • Beam Sharpening with Target Separation Control (Beam width with target separation on MAX is 2.6°)
  • Long Range performance
  • Dual range anywhere from 200' to 36nm
  • Up to 36rpm at less than 1nm
  • Directional Clutter rejection and Sidelobe suppression
  • FMCW technology with inherent LPI
  • Extremely low emissions
  • InstantOn™
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    Simrad Broadband 4G™ is the first dome radar to employ Beam Sharpening. This technology enables a new feature called Target Separation Control, which improves the Azimuth resolution, or effective antenna horizontal beam width, up to double the resolution of any 18-inch dome radar. This is the equivalent of a three and a half foot open array radar.

    Improved Range Performance with Noise Rejection Control

    Broadband 4G™ Radar uses advanced levels of Digital Signal Processing to reduce the amount of noise picked up by the radome's surroundings. Users can choose the levels of Noise Rejection via an onscreen menu and decide between LOW or HIGH rejection to customise their views (displays without Noise Rejection Control automatically default to High, in this case Target Separation will also be High).

    Noise Rejection Control increases the Broadband 4G Radar range by up to 50% and also increases target detection sensitivity.

    Little Barrier island clearly seen over 32nm away with Broadband 4G Radar


    Dual Range with Advanced MARPA, High Speed

    Broadband 4G™ Radar is capable of simultaneous Dual Range operation from a single dome, allowing 10 MARPA targets on each side of a split screen. This allows unprecedented independent working ranges from 200ft right up to 36 nautical miles. Up to 48rpm high speed operation is available for single range operation at less than 1nm.

    A Buoy is seen 86' away, while using the long 36nm simultaneously   Broadband 4G™ Radar Dual Range mode tracks up to 10 MARPA targets on each side of the screen with independent controls, allowing 20 MARPA targets to be tracked in total.


    Weather Detection

    Broadband 4G™ Radar benefits from increased weather detection of around 10% when compared to Broadband 3G™ Radar. In on-water testing, Broadband Radar has detected strong rain cells in Florida, USA more than 17nm away.

    A concentrated Summer Storm cell is seen over the coast   Broadband 4G Radar shows three individual rain cells inside the storm pictured on the left > 17nm away


    Improved Sidelobe Clutter Rejection

    Broadband 4G™ Radar has improved sidelobe clutter rejection for large targets, such as tankers and tall buildings on the coastline. In addition, directional sea clutter processing improves the ability to see smaller targets in heavy sea states.

    Sea Clutter is set to OFF in a strong Sea State 3-4 to demonstrate sea clutter around the boat.   Automatic OFFSHORE mode totally eliminates sea clutter around boat while still seeing nearby targets.


    Small Target Detection at 3nm Range

    The 3nm range is especially important in the transition one from short to longer range radar performance. Broadband 4G™ Radar allows the clear detection of individual buoys, channel markers and coastline, while avoiding the sidelobe projections and target stretching that is common with pulse radar.

    New Zealand Shipping channel at 3nm with 4kW Radar   New Zealand Shipping channel at 3nm with
    Broadband 4G™ Radar
    New Zealand Shipping channel at 3nm with
    Broadband 4G™ Radar and chart overlay. Notice the
    crisp targets and markers.


    Humidity Range [rh] +95°F/+35°C, 95% RH


    Mounting [S,F,B] Bolts: 4x30xM8 - 304 stainless steel
    Operating Temperature -13° to +131°F/-25° to +55°C
    Diameter [mm] 488 mm \ 19.2 in
    Waterproof Standard/rating IPX6
    Product Height 280 mm \ 11 in
    Product Weight 7.4 kg \ 16.31 lbs


    Power Consumption 18W (Typ.) @ 13.8vDC
    Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 9 to 31.2vDC (12/24 Volt systems) Reverse polarity protection vDC
    Power Consumption Standby 2W(Typ.) @ 13.8vDC~ only 150ma


    Data I/O Protocol High Speed Ethernet
    Transmitter Power Output 165mW nominal
    Transmitter Frequency X-band - 9.3 to 9.4GHz


    Antenna Horizontal Beam Width [deg] 5.2°+/-10% (-3dB width) ° (Beam Width with Target Separation on MAX is 2.6°)
    Antenna Receiver Noise Figure [dB] 6
    Antenna Rotation Speed 24/48 rpm +/- 10% RPMs
    Antenna Vertical Beam Width 25°+/-20% (-3dB width) °
    Beam Width 2.6°
    Radar Wind Resistance 51 m/sec (Max:100 Knots)
    Radar Warm Up Time [minutes] 0


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