Simrad EP50 Manual Release EPIRB

This product is discontinued.

Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon for confidence in the most important thing at sea; your safety

  • 406MHz Distress Alert with 121.5MHz Homing Beacon
  • Non-Hazardous Battery for easy, low cost transportation
  • Five year battery life
  • Models for open deck or indoor installation
  • Compact and stylish

    The Simrad EP50 and Simrad EG50 EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) ranges provide rapid indication to rescue authorities that you are in distress, enabling them to locate you using satellite technology, with extreme accuracy anywhere in the world. For even greater accuracy the EG50 has an integral GPS. Simrad EPIRBs utilizes the latest technology to ensure high reliability and accuracy – helping you to be rescued in time. Four different versions are available, making Simrad EPIRBs suitable for all types of boat. EP50:MAN with manual release bracket EG50:MAN with built in GPS and manual release bracket EP50:AUTO with automatic release bracket.

    Simrad EG50:AUTO with built in GPS and automatic release bracket All models automatically activate on contact with water and feature audible and visual indicators, so you can be sure that your transmission is being sent. Two part bulkhead brackets prevent accidental activation and intelligent diagnostic features and user self test facilities ensure that your EPIRB will always be ready for use.

    Simrad EPIRB Explained

    As a core component of the GMDSS, EPIRB technology has been proven in the commercial marine world. Once activated either automatically by contact with saltwater or manually, the EPIRB transmits a signal via satellite that can be picked up by rescue services to provide your location. On its own or in conjunction with the SA50 SART an EPIRB greatly enhances your chances of being rescued.


    Type Approval Satellite system: Cospas-Sarsat T.001/T.007
    Europe: IEC 61097-2 Marine Equipment Directive
    USA: USCG/FCC approved; FCC ID : KLS-XX-X
    Worldwide: IEC61097-2
    Meets IMO regulations: A.662(16); A.694(17); A.810(19); A.814(19)


    Operating Temperature -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to 131°F)
    Operating Temperature Stored -30°C to +70°C (-22°F to 163°F)
    Product Height 210 mm / 8.2 in
    Product Weight 770 g / 1.7 lbs
    Product Length [mm] 180 mm / 7 in


    Battery Type Lithium manganese dioxide


    Navico guarantees its products against defects in materials or workmanship according to the terms and conditions detailed within the Navico Warranty Policy. Customers can obtain warranty support by contacting:

    • Their local Simrad Professional Certified/Approved Dealer or Distributor
    • Navico Americas on 1 800 628 4487
    • Navico Australia on 1 300 628 426
    • Navico Europe, Middle East & Africa – for a list of Certified Dealers and Distributors by country refer to the Dealer Locator