S2009 & S2016 Software Update


We are pleased to announce the release of the latest software update for Simrad R2009 and R3016 Radar Displays.

Halo 24 Compatibility

This major release offer compatibility with the revolutionary Halo 24 Radar antenna. 

Please Note:  VelocityTrack operation requires a high quality compass such as HS60, HS70, HS80 or Precision 9 connected via NMEA2000.

Compatibility with Legacy GPS Receivers

Current NMEA0183 versions incorporate position quality and datum information which is used to ensure that the the Radar receives a good quality position fix. If the quality of the fix is poor, this will trigger an alarm on the Radar. Some older GPS receivers (prior to NMEA0183 V3) do not include this information in their NMEA data. This release incorporates a feature to allow Legacy GPS data to be connected without triggering an alarm. The position quality and Datum data missing alarms can be turned off on the R2009 and R3016 under the Alerts menu. 
For Legacy GPS receivers with no Position quality or no Datum data, please ensure that the above check boxes are ticked, so that these alerts are not triggered.


Upgrade process

  • Download the software .upd file
  • Copy the file into the root directory of an SD Card (do not place the file into a folder on the card)
  • With the S2009 or S2016 turned off, insert the SD card into the card reader of the fishfinder
  • Turn on the fishfinder and the update will be automatically applied


Download Software:

S2000 Software Update



Version: 18.2
File Size: 110 MB
Release Date: Oct 2018
File Format: .upd