S2009 & S2016 Software Update


We are pleased to announce the release of the latest software update for Simrad S2009 and S2016 Finder displays. This software version includes the exciting new features shown below. Please ensure any other MFD’s or sonar modules on your network are upgraded as well.

Colour Mark - Fish reveral for traditional Sonar

The Colour Mark feature allows a user to select specific target colour strengths and highlight them in a contrasting colour. This is very usefull in highlighting fish that are hard on the bottom, or a specific target strength that you are targeting. This is selected from the view menu. As shown below targets are marked in black, this only affects targets above the bottom.

Colour Erase – Advanced Filtering

The Colour Erase feature allows a user to remove specific target colour strengths without changing your gain. This is very useful in filtering out unwatnted sonar returns such as thermoclines, small bait fish or other smaller targets. The image below shows four colours removed to remove small targets, as well as colour marking on the strong targets. 

Minute Markers – Timing is important

Minute markers provide a quick visual reference of time taken since you passed over a feature, or a fish school. This is excellent for towing lures or for commercial trawlers who want to know when the target enters their net. 

New Software naming convertion 18.2

The new software version combines the year and the sequential release number in that year. In this version, 18.2 means that it is the second release for 2018. This provides standardization across products on the same feature stream.


Upgrade process

  • Download the software .upd file
  • Copy the file into the root directory of an SD Card (do not place the file into a folder on the card)
  • With the S2009 or S2016 turned off, insert the SD card into the card reader of the fishfinder
  • Turn on the fishfinder and the update will be automatically applied


Download Software:

S2000 Software Update



Version: 18.2
File Size: 110 MB
Release Date: August 2018
File Format: .upd