NF80, FU80, QS80 Software Update

RELEASE DATE: September 2018

We are pleased to announce a software update for NF80, FU80, QS80.

Some customers have reported repeating “No autopilot computer” in autopilot system with remote controllers like FU80, QS80 and NF80 installed.

The software,, has now been improved to prevent this from happening.

Software upgrade can be done by using the Simrad SWUP upgrade tool (ST10) or MFD’s and units with USB or SD card reader.

Once the update file is downloaded it will need to be un-zipped to make the individual swup files available for install.

Download Software

This software update for NF80, FU80, QS80, you will need to unzip the file before use.

Software Update Tool Instructions (pdf)


Release Date Sept 2018
File Size 1MB
File Format swup (when unzipped)