Search and Rescue Applications

Our power control installation method means the whole system can be operational 43 seconds after start up and in sleep mode with one button push.

  • Record data on the water and study with colleagues back in the office
  • Real-time map making with our revolutionary Insight Genesis product
  • Our fourth generation Broadband radar offers features that no other compact system can offer
  • StructureScan allows you to search a 200mx200m area in less than an hour before you put divers into the water
  • Dedicated buttons mean primary functions are only one key press away so your crew can focus on the task at hand
  • Our easy-to-use, off-the-shelf equipment means you can have the system that suits your boat and your budget.

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System Features


Underwater Detection

StructureScan™ is Navico’s SONAR "imaging" solution using both common high frequency side-scan technology (popular in military, oceanographic, and other research fields) with Lowrance’s own breakthrough DownScan Imaging™which incorporates high resolution images presented in a traditional downward looking image to the operator.

Our ability to overlay and interlace DownScan Imaging™ onto the standard sounder image allowing the user to further interpret screen images with greater accuracy.

StructureScan™ allows you to search a 200m by 200m area in less than an hour, before you put divers into the water



Surface Detection

Broadband Radar™ automatically tunes out interference that may come from other radars operating in the vicinity. The special IR software will remove other radar noise; yet still maintain a perfect radar picture around the boat.

Broadband Radar™ has fewer emissions than a mobile phone, and requires very little power, ideal for all types and size of SAR vessel.

FMCW radar is extremely difficult to detect (LPI); ideal for covert operations. Situational awareness is exceptional with chart overlay.

Amazing target detection and separation makes Broadband Radar™ ideal for close operations

Our fourth generation Broadband radar offers features that no other compact system can offer

Multi Function Displays (MFD) & Integration

Experience zero chart lag time with high power processing of NSE and NSO to zoom, pan and navigate without waiting for screen refresh.

Achieve 10Hz GPS accuracy with the Simrad High Performance GS25 GPS Antenna.

Intergrate everything from thermal imaging, sonar, radar, and engine data with split screen and data overlay. Incorporate digital switching for complete power control and instant mode selection to switch from night running to stealth mode.

Get consistency across the fleet quickly. Save all settings and trasfer via the USB interface. Save settings for different scenarios.

Amazing target detection and separation makes Broadband Radar™ideal for close operations

The latest SIMRAD navigation prodcts have BEEN designed specifically for THE search & rescue, and patrol boat market


Case Study:


Vessel Deodar III, 18.5m Police Patrol Boat
Location Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand
Operational Area 2,000sq nautical miles
Installed equipment StructureScan™



The Auckland Police Maritime Unit operational area covers nearly 200 islands including Great Barrier, and Waiheke as well as the Firth of Thames and associated harbours and inlets. The unit operates the 14.7m launch Deodar III, three 12 metre Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) and a 3.8m inflatable dinghy, Red Knight.

User Comments

"The advantage of StructureScan is the ability to see real time what is below us. However we also like the ability to review the data again in the office just in case we missed something."

"We use StructureScan to locate objects then follow up with an underwater camera and finally send divers. StructureScan is an excellent ‘pre-dive’ tool."

"Prior to installing StructureScan a 200m x 200m grid would take 4 divers plus a support vessel a whole day to search. With StructureScan we can complete that task in 30mins – 1 hour giving us a huge time and resource saving."

- Senior Sergeant Martin Paget

Deodar III, 18.5m NZ Police Boat

Deodar III Bridge


Case Study:


Vessel German GSG-9 Special Force
Location Germany
Operational Area Classified
Installed equipment SIMRAD NSO, 4G Broadband™ Radar



The GSG 9 is unique amongst special forces, being formed from police ranks rather than the military.

GSG 9 is deployed in cases of hostage taking, kidnapping, terrorism and extortion. The group may also be used to secure locations, neutralize targets, track down fugitives and sometimes conduct sniper operations.

User Comments

"The Broadband Radar and NSO display significantly aids presentation and interpretation by showing the targets in different colours and shades; the better the echo, the more intense the colour. We were immediately convinced of its benefits, especially under high speed in MARPA, and in AIS mode we were able to identify every single target.


"Beside the reliability of the system, the most impressive thing was the radar target resolution. You can see the target clear on the screen until you can literally reach out and touch it – it’s unbelievable, it’s more like a camera than a radar!"

- GSG-9 Spokesman

GSG-9 Special Forces vessels


Case Study:


Vessel SAR Patrol, NZ Coastguard
Location Auckland, New Zealand
Operational Area
Installed equipment SIMRAD NSE, 4G Broadband™ Radar



Coastguard North Shore, originally known as North Harbour Sea Rescue, is based in the Browns Bay Marine Centre on the East Coast Bays. Their rescue vessel is a 9.5 m Alloy vessel manufactured by AMF and is powered by two 250 hp four-stroke Yamaha outboards. A dedicated group of about 53 active volunteers, which includes 6 skippers, are on 24 hour pager callout, 365 days a year.

North Shore take immense pride in their response time and continually strive for the highest level of professionalism on the water. 

User Comments

"We replaced our Raymarine system with Simrad NSE + 4G and not only have experienced dramatic increase in reliability we have much more user friendly interface for our Search and Rescue operations. The 4G radar has increased our situational awareness and given my crew confidence in navigation in all conditions."

- Mr. Barrie-H (Skipper)

NZ Coastguard Search and Rescue Boat


Case Study:


Vessel Unmanned Suface Vessel (USV)
Location Persian Gulf
Installed equipment SIMRAD NSS, 4G Broadband™ Radar, AP28, BSM1, GoFree



The primary missions for Eclipse Class vessels are surveillance and non-lethal deterrence for small craft. They can be operated remotely via encrypted RF from shore, or world-wide via secure satellite links. These are also true robots, which can be pre¬programmed to perform fully-autonomous missions. Options include inertial navigation and Faraday-caged hulls for EMP protection. They are fast, robust, and modular ... and adaptable to a very wide variety of applications.

These Eclipse Class vessels will be introduced at IDEX 2013 (The International Defence Exhibition and Conference), 17 - 21 February 2013 in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center.

User Comments

"Eclipse Class vessels will be of particular importance to petroleum and marine interests in the Gulf region."

- Russell Bartlett, Al Seer Operations Manager

Bravo_076 - Al Seer Marine, LLC and 5G International Inc

Oscar_009 - Al Seer Marine, LLC and 5G International Inc



Professional Series for Professional Mariners

Over the past sixty years we have developed our systems for the benefit of commercial vessels.

The underlying ethos and design philosophy for Simrad products in the 21st century is simple: to listen to the customer, to use our experience in engineering, to make innovative products and to allow no compromise on quality. Building on a tradition that began with the introduction of the autopilot and the first civilian echosounders and sonars over 60 years ago, we continue to apply unrivalled experience to provide better system solutions and customer support for vessel owners around the world.

Today we offer a range of sophisticated auto steering, navigation and safety products for vessels of all sizes, from small vessels on inland waterways to larger coastal commercial and passenger craft.

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