Precision-9 Compass

The Precision-9 Compass is designed to supply heading and rate-of-turn information to Simrad autopilot, radar and navigation systems aboard non-SOLAS vessels. Incorporating a nine-axis array of solid-state motion and orientation sensors, the Precision-9 also provides accurate pitch and roll data to compatible equipment via its NMEA 2000® interface. An adjustable mounting bracket and single-cable connection allow simple and cost-effective installation aboard any vessel, including an up-mast mounting option suitable for steel hulls.

  • NMEA 2000® heading sensor for non-SOLAS vessels
  • Heading, Rate Of Turn (ROT), pitch and roll output
  • Accurate and reliable solid-state sensor technology
  • Heading accuracy of ±2° after calibration
  • Easily adjustable mounting bracket allows bulkhead or up-mast installation
  • IPX7 waterproof for external up-mast mounting on steel hulled vessels
  • Simple installation with a single NMEA 2000® connection
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    NMEA 2000® Heading & ROT Output

    With NMEA 2000® output, the Simrad Precision-9 Compass provides heading, Rate Of Turn (ROT), pitch and roll information to connected equipment including autopilot, radar, multifunction displays, and other navigational systems. This compass is suitable for use aboard non-SOLAS workboats, fishing vessels and other light commercial craft, in applications that do not require an IMO type-approved heading sensor.

    Solid-State Sensor Technology

    The Precision-9 Compass incorporates a solid-state sensor array based on MEMS technology. This high-precision array measures motion on nine separate axes in order to calculate the most accurate heading and rate-of-turn information possible, avoiding many common limitations of conventional fluxgate electronic compasses and delivering heading accuracy of ±2 degrees after calibration.

    Mount Almost Anywhere

    An easily adjustable mounting bracket and single-cable NMEA 2000® connectivity allow the Precision-9 Compass to be installed on any vessel, in almost any location. The compass may also be mounted directly to any flat surface without a bracket. On steel hulled vessels where magnetic interference makes bulkhead mounting unsuitable, an IPX7 waterproof rating allows external up-mast installation.


    Mounting [S,F,B] Bulkhead or mast
    Operating Temperature -25 °C to 65 °C / -13 °F to 149 °F
    Operating Temperature Stored -30 °C to 70 °C / -22 °F to 158 °F
    Specified Standards IPX7
    Product Width 119 mm / 4.69 in
    Product Depth 119 mm / 4.69 in
    Product Height 36 mm / 1.42 in
    Product Weight 0.4 kg / 0.9 lb


    Other Features

    Repeatability: ±1.0 degrees (or better)

    Compass Safe Distance [mm] 500


    Housing Plastic


    Picth/Roll Angle ±45 degrees


    Power Consumption 0.4 W
    Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 12V DC via NMEA 2000®
    NMEA 2000 Load Equivalency Number 1 network load

    GPS Navigation

    Heading Accuracy ±2 degrees after calibration


    Navico guarantees its products against defects in materials or workmanship according to the terms and conditions detailed within the Navico Warranty Policy. Customers can obtain warranty support by contacting:

    • Their local Simrad Professional Certified/Approved Dealer or Distributor
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