Master Bridge Assistant (MBA)

The Simrad Master Bridge Assistant (MBA) is the ultimate all-in-one solution for ship owners and mariners, offering a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution. MBA is designed to cover the needs of the navigator to maintain electronic charts and paper chart portfolio, publications and the need of the ship owner to monitor and control the costs.

  • Paper Chart and Publications Manager (PCUM)
  • ENC/AVCS Manager
  • ARCS Manager
  • PAYS Manager 
  • Admiralty Digital Publications Manager
  • Weather and Current Manager
  • Voyage Planner
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    As MBA is a module-based software, it can be tailor-made through the activation of different modules available to fit the mariner and ship owner needs and requirements. The ECDIS independent status means MBA can be used with any approved ECDIS and existing communication systems (Https, Email).

    In addition to unique features of MBA, ECDIS900 users can enjoy the benefit of automatic data synchronisation. This integration gives even the most experienced navigator great advantages in management of chart handling and updates. The different modules available within MBA are:

    Paper Chart and Publications Manager (PCUM)

    Holdings management and digital corrections for paper charts and publications including bitmaps, tracings, and graphical display of T&P.

    ENC/AVCS Manager

    Assists the user in managing the ENC chart database used by onboard ECDIS systems. The MBA Server sends weekly automatic updates to the ship with the ENC/AVCS catalogue update, the list of new issued ENC and the updates of the ENC collection to ensure the Navigator has the most up-to-date navigation information.

    ARCS Manager

    Assists the user to manage and correct the ARCS chart database used by the onboard ECDIS like the ENC/AVCS Manager.

    PAYS Manager

    When PAYS mode is activated, all available permits the PAYS are sent to the user, allowing corresponding cells to be installed in the ECDIS for Voyage Planning purposes. The ENC Standing Folio then includes all cells with permit available in the PAYS collection, plus other permits ordered independently which are not in the PAYS collection. Weekly Update data is again sent for WF.

    Admiralty Digital Publications Manager

    Holdings management and updates for UKHO’s ADMIRALTY Digital List of Lights and ADMIRALTY Digital Radio Signals.

    Weather and Current Manager

    The weather module enables display of 9 or 14 day weather forecast data for selected area(s). The user selects the areas to subscribe to and the MBA server automatically sends daily forecast. The weather module supports the International GRIB and GRIB2 formats, and displays several layers including current, wind speed and direction, pressure, swell, waves, typhoon trajectory and ice limits.

    Voyage Planner

    A powerful integrated tool which simplifies the addition and maintenance of voyage plans. The voyage planner integrates the list of WP from the route planner, calculates all charts required for the voyage, tidal information from ADMIRALTY Total Tide, generate vessel information, Squat calculations and Under Keel Clearance. 

    Customers can obtain support by contacting: 

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