Simrad AP70 Autopilot

This product is discontinued.

This unit has been replaced by the AP70Mk2

Type approved autopilot systems providing complete heading and course control for a wide range of vessels.

  • 5 inch colour bonded display
  • Adaptive, self-learning software
  • Total of 6 user modes available
  • Unique WORK mode: customize the parameters to suit individual vessel needs
  • Triple support of independent rudders and multiple thrusters
  • 2 basic systems using the same modules: design and build to your unique requirements
  • Full 2 year warranty backed by our global service network

    This unit has been replaced by the AP70Mk2

    The AP70 is a state of the art type approved autopilot*. It can be used as a standalone autopilot control unit, or is perfect as a second station in an AP80 system.

    With its completely new and unique colour user interface and intuitive graphics, ability to store up to 3 individual scenario profiles, and self-learning software, this modular system makes installation and operation so easy. You won’t find another pilot on the market that boasts the same performance, durability and versatility without the high cost.

    The AP70 has a 5inch bonded high sunlight viewable screen, and can be panel (flush) or bracket mounted.

    Like all our products, Simrad's autopilot systems are backed by a full two-year warranty that is supported by a global service network.

    System Components

    Remote Controls

    The AP70 integrate with 3 different full function remotes: Follow-Up Control, Non Follow-Up Control, and the Quick Stick™. Each has a 35mm x 25mm (approximately 1inch) display, are type approved, and can be desktop or panel (flush) mounted. Each remote is also backward compatible with Simrad’s AP24, AP28, NSS, NSE, and NSO.

    • The FU80 (a manoeuvre controller) is a Follow Up remote which means that the rudder, when hand steering, moves to the commanded angle set by turning the knob to port or starboard.
    • The NF80 (a drive controller) is a Non Follow Up remote which means that the rudder, when hand steering, moves as long as the steering lever is kept at maximum port/starboard position. It can also be used for course change when autosteering. The lever has spring return to mid-position.
    • The QS80 (Quick Stick controller) operates the same way as NF80 when the joystick is kept to port or starboard. When the joystick is moved forward and released, the autopilot goes into automatic mode. When the joystick is moved backwards when automatic steering is active, the autopilot goes to standby. If the joystick is moved backwards when standby, the rudder moves to mid-position. The joystick has spring return to center position.


    Autopilot Computers

    The Simrad AP70 brings a range of new autopilot computers. Their main job is to receive events from the various control units and remotes on SimNet, transmit the chosen mode back to the control units, and steer the vessel according to current mode.


    Display Type 16-bit color bonded TFT
    Backlighting Levels CCFL
    Display Resolution [pixels x pixels] 480 x 480
    Display: Backlighting Color [text] Black and grey


    Cable 1 Power/alarm, 1 Micro-C con.
    Interface Connector USB Yes
    Course Over Ground Yes
    Speed Over Ground Yes


    Mounting [S,F,B] Desk or operational bracket
    Operating Temperature 0 to +55°C
    Operating Temperature Stored -32 to +70°C
    Housing Epoxy coated seawater-resistant aluminium
    Waterproof Standard/rating IPx4
    Product Width 144 mm / 5.67 in
    Product Depth 32 mm / 1.26 in
    Product Height 230 mm / 9.06 in
    Product Weight 1.2 kg
    Construction Epoxy coated seawater resistant aluminum, plastic and so it becomes front and bexel

    Networking Connectors



    Power Consumption 0.7/0.4A at 12V DC 0.4/0.3A at 24 V DC backlight full/off
    Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 12/24 V DC +10% -30%
    NMEA 2000 Load Equivalency Number 1 network load (50mA)


    U-Turn Yes
    Adjustable Backlight 10 le


    Course Change Rotary Knob Yes


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