Simrad launches Argus radar system

Simrad launches Argus radar system, with tools for anti-piracy, anti-collision and precision docking

Marine electronics giant Navico has launched its breakthrough invention - the Simrad ARGUS Radar System, a revolutionary new IMO Radar, incorporating solid state FMCW* Broadband RadarsTM for use on commercial vessels.

The Simrad ARGUS Radar series is set to be the standard for tomorrow's maritime fleet said Mr Leif Ottosson, CEO of Navico, who together with Tim Ryder, Director Professional Market, presented the new radar system in London today. And with Simrad Broadband RadarTM, ship-owners finally have the ability to monitor the entire surroundings of a vessel, significantly reducing the blind zones" said Mr Ottosson.

The cutting edge radar system can detect targets as close as 6 ft from the antenna on the shortest scale and can separate targets that are 30ft apart in range on the scales used for navigation. This also makes the system perfect to use for anti-collision and precision docking.

"Dubbed the anti‐piracy radar it is compact and robust and easy to install at strategic locations on the vessel", explained Mr Ryder.

The introduction of ARGUS also marks Navico's strategic breakthrough for its Simrad brand into the SOLAS vessel segment and a prospective ship protection market with an estimated value of up to £12 billion.


28th Apr 2011