PC-Based FMCW Radar Technology Launched

Navico, a leader in the design and manufacture of world-class marine navigation, auto steering, communications and fish finding systems, has launched its Simrad BR24PC Software Development Kit (SDK) for military, commercial, surveillance and marine applications.

The new BR24PC SDK gives OEM developers the ability to integrate the awardwinning Simrad Broadband™ Radar with a range of on-land and marine applications, and to receive and manipulate Broadband™ Radar data on a PC Windows platform, without the need of a Simrad display.

Simrad Yachting's revolutionary Broadband™ Radar was introduced to the marine leisure market in 2009. Utilising solid-state technology similar to that used in military and IMO-certified radar applications, it remains unlike anything else on the market. It has been heralded as one of the most revolutionary product developments in recent years, winning several awards and industry accolades.

Broadband™ Radar brings a host of important performance and safety benefits to users, including superior target definition and target separation inside 30m – where other radars are affected by the main bang. Interference rejection is five times better with broadband technology, for an easy-to-interpret radar display in all conditions.

Simrad Broadband™ Radar automatically and instantly tunes the radar for optimum performance whenever the range scale is changed, eliminating guesswork and allowing users to keep their eyes on their surroundings. Approved 3rd parties can obtain a license to our BR24PC SDK to create PC-based applications for the Broadband™ Radar.

Another important advantage is that it transmits at less than 1/20,000 of the peak power of traditional radar, emitting no harmful radiation outside the dome. This means that not only does it draw far less DC power, but the compact radome can be mounted in places never before possible.

Now, for the first time, Simrad Yachting has developed this impressive technology for use on PC based systems, opening up the market to a wide spectrum of potential applications on land and sea. New potential applications include land/sea security, unmanned vessels, military (stationary and moving), river navigation, boundary surveillance, fish farm monitoring, oil rig ship docking management, and many others.

BR24PC SDK works with an off-the-shelf Simrad BroadbandÔ Radar, available from Simrad Yachting distributors, meaning there is no special model to buy. The BR24PC system is available with two levels of functionality and requires unique unlock codes, for either basic level (LL1), or advanced control (LL2) operation.

Tom Edvardsen, Product Line Director and EVP of R&D said: "The BR24PC SDK opens up our innovative and award-winning radar technology to a range of new possibilities in custom marine and on-shore applications."

"In marine navigation, the Simrad Broadband™ Radar with BR24PC SDK delivers a computer-aided marine navigation system that combines PC-based radar, Marine Automated Radar Plotting Aids (MARPA), and modern electronic charting technology to create a state-of-the-art, cost-effective navigation system that offers powerful, simultaneous collision and grounding avoidance. It is ideal for small boat applications such as search and rescue, coast guard and pilot boats.

"Aside from marine applications, BR24PC SDK can also be adapted for a number of military, commercial or surveillance markets. For example, it could be used as a key component of offshore surveillance systems used to monitor oilfield safety, or ensure effective border control monitoring and policing. The system can also be utilised as a portable radar display for temporary or covert surveillance applications.

"The BR24PC SDK makes commercial grade radar available at a competitive price. This user-friendly, real-time, fully automated, and integrated PC-based radar system is the future of navigation, security and surveillance applications."

Product details are available in our Simrad Professional Navigation brochure and in a separate Simrad BR24PC SDK Software brochure.

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About Simrad Yachting:

The Simrad® brand is wholly owned by Navico, Inc., a privately held, international marine electronics company. Navico is currently the world’s largest marine electronics company, and is the parent company to five well-established marine electronics brands: B&G®, Eagle®, Lowrance®, Northstar™ and Simrad®.



22nd Jun 2010