Simrad NX40 and NX45 NavStations

Navico has been awarded SAIL Magazine's annual Pittman Innovation award for the Simrad AI50, in recognition of innovation within the Electronics category.

SAIL’s annual Pittman Innovation Awards recognize the most innovative products in the sailboat market. Electronics editor and expert, Ben Ellison, recognized the Simrad AI50 in the Electronics category. The Simrad AI50 Class B AIS (Automatic Identification System) transponder, while not yet approved by the FCC in the U.S., will deliver a new level of navigation safety to recreational boaters when it hits the market. In addition to displaying information on a waterproof color LCD, it can both send and receive AIS data, and track a list of “buddy” boats, notifying you when they come into range.

SAIL’s annual Pittman Innovation Awards, named in honor the memory of former SAIL technical editor Freeman Pittman, who died in 1996 from ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, recognize the most innovative products in the sailboat market. Editors Peter Nielsen (Cruising Gear), David Schmidt (Racing and Safety Gear), Ben Ellison (Electronics) and Jay Paris (Systems) awarded sixteen new sailing products in SAIL’s February 2008 issue.


11th Feb 2008