Simrad HSC Argus Radar system to guide Baltic passenger vessel

Baltic Marine Group installs ground breaking Simrad Argus Radar on Baltic Workboats passenger vessel

The Simrad HSC ARGUS is to be the latest system from the acclaimed Professional Series to be fitted to the 24m Passenger Catamaran built by Baltic Workboats. The Baltic vessel also has a full complement of Simrad systems including a Simrad CS68 ECDIS, an AP80 autopilot with analogue rudder control and feedback units, a WS80 Ultrasonic wind system with instrumentation, and Simrad IS70 instrumentation, all of which will work alongside the new Simrad ARGUS radar.

The IMO-approved High Speed Craft ARGUS is a state of the art professional X-band radar which includes a separate processor, monitor and operation panel, so it is as hard working as the vessel it is being fitted on. The Simrad HSC ARGUS also benefits from the use of up to four IMO pulse radars, as well as up to two additional FMCW solid state domes and Optional Advanced Oil Spill and Ice Detection (OSID) Software.

Baltic Workboats is based in Estonia and builds vessels up to 45m in length. The company employs over 100 people, manufactures a range of 120 different vessels and has an impressive production area of approximately 5500m2. The HSC ARGUS Radar will be fitted by Navigation and communication specialists Baltic Marine Group, onto a 24m passenger catamaran, which will operate out of Estonia with three crew members and can take up to 60 passengers. Kristo Klippberg, of Baltic Marine Group said: “Safety is of utmost importance when you are carrying members of the public. We have fitted the Baltic Workboats catamaran with the Simrad ARGUS Radar to ensure that we are using the best technology available to support the innovative and sturdy design of the vessel. This helps to keep the crew informed on the surrounding waters and its dangers, in turn keeping passengers safe.”

Leif Ottosson, CEO of Navico said: “We are proud to be supplying a HSC ARGUS Radar to the Baltic Workboats Catamaran, our tough, reliable and unique radar system will complement the work of the vessel’s crew and thrive in the conditions endured by this working vessel.”

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16th Apr 2012