Simrad HS70 GPS Compass packs a punch

The Simrad HS70 GPS Compass has cemented the companys position as a leader in the navigation market.

The compact compass is NMEA 2000 certified and offers communication over NMEA2000 network as standard and NMEA 0183 as an option. It provides the greatest degree of accuracy for its size and unlike traditional compasses, features three rate sensors that measure heave, pitch and roll of the vessel. The HS70 is designed to deliver a quick time-to-first-fix and also excellent in-band and out-of-band interference rejection. It features two multipath-resistant antennas and offers 0.75 degree heading accuracy and a 1.0 m differential positioning accuracy 95% of the time.

Despite its small size, the Simrad HS70 GPS compass is very sturdy and packs a punch," says Tom Edvardsen, Product Line Director and EVP Global R&D. "The HS70 goes beyond what is expected of a standard GPS compass and provides the navigator with vital information regarding the heading, positioning, heave, rate of turn, roll and pitch of the ship. Having this information to hand allows users to have a better idea of their surroundings and reduces the need to perform calculations, thereby simplifying the navigation process."

As the Simrad HS70 has no black box, it is maintenance free and extremely portable. Additionally, its compact size - with an all in one antenna measuring only 40cm/16inches - allows to be easily mounted to any flat surface or pole. The compass uses SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, etc.) for differential GPS positioning and thus provides users with a low cost, extremely effective heading and position based smart antenna. Integrated gyro and tilt sensors deliver fast start-up times and provide heading updates during temporary loss of GPS. COAST™ technology maintains differentially-corrected positioning for 40 minutes after loss of differential signal.

The Simrad HS70 is suitable for vessels of all sizes where IMO approval is not required. The HS70 is particularly applicable to steel hulled vessels where rate compass interference is a problem. It has seen strong take up from the industry and there are already a number of units already installed onboard vessels around the world.

"This GPS compass is charting a course in the industry for our competitors to follow," says Edvardsen . "The Simrad HS70 offers unparalleled value for money as compared to other NON-IMO GPS compasses in the market."

The Simrad HS70 was made commercially available in August 2011. Navico has recently enhanced its product range with the launch of the Simrad ARGUS radar and the Simrad AP70/80 autopilot system, both of which are aimed at increasing operational safety.


8th Nov 2011