Simrad Argus Radar receives impressive NZ review

The fishing trawler FV Meridian has recently sailed with the new SIMRAD Argus 25 KWatt Radar installed. This ground breaking radar represents the latest innovations in design and technology, combining the benefits from traditional pulse radar scanner technology with that of broadband.

Valeriy Slyusarenko, skipper of the fishing trawler FV Meridian, rates the new SIMRAD Argus Radar as being "very good, a real proper commercial radar and significantly better" than other radars he has used in the past.

The Argus Radar allows mariners to optimise performances at both long and short range using both scanner technologies. First reactions from our ATL technicians carrying out the installation was that of superb target discrimination and resolution and very good tracking ability using the built in ARPA. Also the new connector system used for cabling makes for a fast and efficient installation, thus working out well for vessels which typically have fast turnaround times when unloading.

What the Argus Radar offers:

  • State of the art professional X-band radar
  • Available in 12 and 25 kW versions
  • Broadband radar scanners available
  • Approved for IMO vessels
  • Separate processor, monitor and operation panel
  • 100 target ARPA feature as standard
  • Wide screen color monitor option
  • Superior signal processing
  • Significantly larger target presentation area
  • Seamless use of up to four antennas
  • Optional Advanced Oil Spill and Ice Detection (OSID) Software

With tools for anti-piracy, anti-collision and precision docking, the SIMRAD Argus Radar series with SIMRAD Broadband RadarTM offers ship-owners the ability to monitor the entire surroundings of a vessel, significantly reducing the blind zones. The cutting edge radar system can detect targets as close as 6 ft from the antenna on the shortest scale and can separate targets that are 30ft apart in range on the scales used for navigation. This also makes the system perfect to use for anti-collision and precision docking.

Thanks to ATL - Advance Trident Ltd NZ for letting us re-publish their article.

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1st Nov 2011