Announcing the IMO type approved Simrad SAL R1A Speed Log

IMO type-approved speed log for measuring longitudinal speed with proven Acoustic Correlation technology

Egersund, Norway – Announcing the IMO type approved Simrad SAL R1A Speed Log with through hull acoustic technology for measuring longitudinal speed through water. The SAL R1A a proven design used in thousands of ships worldwide is designed to meet requirements as specified by authorities and ship owners, with a performance exceeding applicable IMO specifications.

"Acoustic correlation is a proven and practical technology that measures sonar readings across two elements in a single transducer." said Leif Ottosson, CEO, Navico. "The SAL R1A speed log measures water speed slightly further away from the hull than electromagnetic systems and doesn't require the angular corrections of Doppler technology. This translates into less corrections required in the speed calculation algorithm, delivering stable and reliable speed through water measurements."

The SAL R1A ‘Easy Tank’ bottom arrangement provides a closed ended installation, with no need for a watertight compartment or piping above the waterline. The watertight arrangement is damage-resistant, and a watertight cable enables installation in wet environments. Bottom arrangements are available to suit both aluminium and steel hull constructions.

The SAL R1A speed log’s electronics are enclosed in a splash-proof steel box and connects to a remote bridge display via an industry-standard IEC 61162-1/NMEA 0183® interface; the electronics unit also provides pulse and voltage outputs for connection to alternative display devices.

Flexible calibration also allows highly accurate readings throughout the speed range and its easy set-up and calibration from the bridge display makes fitting the SAL R1A easy with only a few mechanical lightweight, watertight and rugged parts.

The Simrad SAL R1A is an ideal solution for companies planning retrofits, economic replacement of EM or Single Axis STW Doppler systems or compact fit equipment with economic bottom gear fitting. It is also ideal for new build workboats, fishing vessels and light merchant shipping.

31st May 2017