Class-leading autopilot provides full feature set for commercial vessels

The Simrad AP60 is a unique entry-level commercial autopilot that completes the Simrad autopilot range, which also includes the premium AP70 and award-winning AP80. Simrad autopilots provide the ultimate in vessel heading control and network integration at every level.

Unlike many other entry-level commercial autopilots, the AP60 includes thruster integration for improved low speed manoeuvring. The AP60 is incredibly easy to use, thanks to clear and intuitive menu systems, a large, high contrast, monochrome LCD screen for clear display of critical information, a rotary course control wheel, dedicated work modes, Auto and Standby buttons.

The Simrad AP60 has a wide range of features designed to make piloting commercial vessels more efficient. Two user configurable profiles, WORK and NORMAL, allow custom parameters for specific vessel operations such as trawling or towing. Switching from NORMAL to WORK profiles is simple with the press of a button. The AP60 also includes NoDrift steering, thruster integration and turn patterns such as U-Turn and S-Turn, features you wouldn’t expect to find in an entry level Autopilot.

Leif Ottosson, CEO of Navico said: “The new Simrad AP60 with thruster integration is the most cost effective commercial autopilot system available on the market today.

"Born of nearly 70 years of award-winning autopilot technology, this system provides commercial vessels with the perfect balance - professional performance at a great price."

The Simrad AP60 is an incredibly flexible autopilot; it can be used in isolation, as part of a multi-station system, or alongside a wide range of control units, including the QS80 QuickStick remote with integrated joystick and the NF80 Non Follow-Up Remote with rotary lever.

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3rd Jun 2013