Pilot boat demonstrates Halo™ radar capabilities

Darwin Ports Corporation’s Robert Smith praises Simrad radar technology and ease-of-use aboard the port’s latest pilot boat.

The Port of Darwin recently launched a new Australian-built pilot boat, fitted with a complete Simrad electronics suite including Halo™ Pulse Compression radar and integrated multifunction display system.

The award-winning Halo™ radar technology uses frequency-swept pulses to deliver an unprecedented mix of close- and long-range target detection, with precise target definition at all ranges: the ideal tool to enhance situational awareness in crowded harbours.

 “The image appears to be far superior to what’s available from the standard magnetron-type radars,” says Darwin Ports Corporation’s Robert Smith, “and also a lot safer from the point of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the scanner.”

Halo™ radar’s solid-state technology and pulsed transmissions mean extremely low emissions, with a minimum safe distance within the swing circle of the array. This makes the system suitable for smaller vessels such as pilot boats, and suitable for in-harbour use.

The Port of Darwin’s new pilot boat is also fitted with four 16-inch touchscreen monitors, powered by dual NSO evo2 marine processors. These provide an intuitive interface to the Halo™ radar system and to other on-board electronics. Other Simrad electronics include an autopilot system, echosounder, and VHF radio with wireless handset to facilitate communication from anywhere on board.

 “If you can operate a smartphone or a tablet, then you’ll be able to operate this electronics package,” says Smith, “bringing up any instrument you want whether it be radar, chart, [or] sounder.”


28th Sep 2016