New Darwin Port pilot boat fully fitted with Simrad gear

Australian boat builder Norman R. Wright & Sons delivers new Darwin Port pilot boat, fully fitted with Simrad navigation and communication solutions.

Norman R. Wright & Sons recently launched a new pilot boat for the Port of Darwin, complete with a full suite of Simrad electronics including touchscreen multifunction displays, radio, autopilot, sonar, and radar.

Brisbane, Australia-based Norman R. Wright & Sons has been building boats for over a century, and have more than 90 years of experience in designing pilot boats for the Australian commercial market.

“Most of our commercial vessels are fully fitted with Simrad gear,” explains the company’s Bill J. Wright. “We’ve selected this because we know it’s reliable, and it’s very easy for us to use.”

The new pilot boat is fitted with four 16-inch touchscreen monitors powered by dual NSO evo2 marine processors, RS35 VHF with HS35 wireless handset, Simrad autopilot and sonar solutions, and the latest Halo™ Pulse Compression radar technology.

“The Halo radar is definitely the best radar I’ve used in my lifetime,” says Wright. “I would thoroughly recommend the Simrad product over the other competitors that we have used in the past.”


19th Sep 2016