Navico Unveils Revolutionary Broadband Radar Technology to Global Marine Industry at METS 2008

"New Wave" of Recreational Marine Radar Systems Will Be Available in 2009 Under Simrad, Northstar and Lowrance Brands.

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(METS 2008) Navico, the world leader in marine electronics for the recreational boating market, kicked off METS 2008 with the world premiere of its innovative broadband radar technology to an international audience of marine media and boating industry representatives.

"After more than five years of intense research, development and testing, we're very pleased to introduce this important breakthrough to the recreational marine industry," said Navico President and CEO Jens-Thomas Pietralla. "Broadband Radar is a perfect example of our commitment to pioneering new technology and developing innovative new products. We didn't just enhance currently available technology; we took a bold new approach to developing better, safer and easier-to-use radar systems," Pietralla added.

Navico broadband radar - which utilizes solid-state technology similar to that used in military and IMO-certified radar applications - is unlike anything else on the recreational marine market. It will bring a host of important performance and safety benefits to navigators worldwide, including superior target definition and target separation in close quarters - where it matters most.

Boaters using these new generation radar systems will be able to clearly differentiate between docks, channel markers, pilings, moored vessels and other important targets at ranges down to 1/32 nm. Navigators can also expect 2- to 3-meter target resolution to 10 miles with a maximum range of 24 nautical miles.

Navico's 100-percent solid-state technology allows for InstantOn™ operation - with no warm up time, broadband radar eliminates the need for boaters to "stand by" when darkness, bad weather or thick fog suddenly descends. This unique feature is ideal for sailors wishing to remain ready while saving power, as well as for boaters at anchor who want instant information without running their radars continuously.

Navico is applying today's most advanced technology to make radar easier to use and more accessible for all recreational boaters. Sea clutter rejection is inherently five times better with broadband technology, for an easy-to-interpret radar display in all conditions. Broadband technology also automatically and instantly tunes the radar for optimum performance whenever the range scale is changed, eliminating guesswork and allowing navigators to keep their eyes on their surroundings.

Another important advantage of broadband technology is that it transmits at less than 1/2000 the power of traditional radar emitting no harmful radiation outside the dome. This means that not only does it draw far less DC power (an important advantage for sailboats and smaller vessels); the compact radome can be mounted in places never before possible.

Pietralla announced that Navico's broadband radar technology would be available in 2009 for integration with navigation systems offered under the company's popular Simrad, Northstar and Lowrance brands.

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About Navico

Navico is the parent company to five leading marine electronics brands: B&G, Eagle, Lowrance, Northstar and Simrad. Navico has approximately 2,500 employees globally, 2007 turnover of approximately USD 332 million and is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. The company has development and manufacturing facilities in the USA, Mexico, the UK, Norway and New Zealand.

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20th Nov 2008