Industry Focus: UK Windfarms

Navico UK has enjoyed some great successes in the rapidly expanding Wind Farm sector. With demand for boats outstripping supply, it is a very exciting market to be involved in.

With an ever expanding product offering, we are well placed to tackle this market head on and supply vessels with a full range of electronics. Many are non-IMO which means that NSE and NSO fit very nicely with customer requirements, especially with our unique technology add-ons such as Broadband 3G Radar, SturctureScan and even Sonic Hub for crew entertainment.

Recent successes with StructureScan include finding dropped items near turbine installations without the need for dive boats, wave height monitoring, and the ability to check 'scouring' around the turbine base.

New 3G radar allows crews to transfer from vessel to turbine in safety while the vessel keeps situational awareness.

When cruising new dual range capability in NSE and NSO allows a vessel to keep a look out at distance and close quarters. This is an impressive and comprehensive feature list for operators.

New Simrad Yachting and Professional Series products allow us to keep pace with continuing changes in legislation and customer requirements in this new and ever changing sector of the workboat industry.

We look forward to developing further relations with boat builders and operators as our portfolio continues to grow.


18th Sep 2011