In the News

With the launch of both the ARGUS Radar and AP70 and AP80 in the past 6 months, we have given the press plenty to write about! Here are a few snippets from some of the major industry publications.

UK based ECDIS training and consultancy company ECDIS Ltd are pleased to announce the signing of a new agreement with leading manufacturer Simrad, to provide flag-state approved training on Simrad's CS68 ECDIS software. The agreement has seen the installation of a Simrad terminal in ECDIS Ltd's e-Navigation Centre, as well as the ability to provide mobile generic and type specific training on Simrad ECDIS software.

"With our position as the leading authority on training and consultancy in the still-emerging and complicated world of ECDIS, strengthening our partnership with Simrad will benefit the end-user considerably; that is, the operator at sea." Mark Broster, Managing Director of ECDIS Ltd.
- Maritime Executive: ECDIS Ltd Install SIMRAD ECDIS in the e-Navigation Centre

Simrad AP70 and AP80: "technology to the rescue" when it comes to piracy.
- Maritime Executive: The Evolving World of Maritime Security

Simrad ARGUS Radar System "goes one step further than standard navigational radar".
- Maritime Executive: The Evolving World of Maritime Security

Autopilot will never be the same again, thanks to the launch of the Simrad Pro AP70 and AP80 Autopilot Systems”.
- Offshore Nieuws.NL

20th Sep 2011