Norwegian Passenger Ferry Chooses Simrad

The Helgøy Glimt is owned and operated by Helgøy family in the Norwegian fjords. The family operate five passenger boats that can take from 9 to 97 passengers and provide ferry, taxi and tourist sightseeing tours.

Operating a fast passenger ferry service between the many islands in the Fjords, safety was paramount to the Helgøy family. They wanted to ensure they had the best radar and chart plotter solutions and were impressed with the quality of the Halo Radar because of its sharp detailed picture as they moved through the small islands. The X and S band radar were very good in bad conditions and the ECDIS system very easy to operate, with the added advantage of access to training on the system via the internet. Finally they were impressed with the support they received from Simrad.

"The HALO is the most important instrument we have on board when we move so fast between the small islands, it's a very sharp picture."
- Tron Helgoy, Captain

The Helgøy Glimt is the largest of the Helgoy fleet and is fully equipped with Simrad X Band, S Band and Halo radars, a full five screen Glass Bridge which includes two 24" wide screen M5024 displays, keyboards and trackballs, dual ECDIS E5024 screens, and a M5024 monitor. It also has a R3016 standalone radar panel display, V5024 AIS A, two MXGN70 GPS CDU, HS80 GPS compass, AP80 autopilot with quick stick, EPIRB EP70 and SART SA70.


21st Jun 2016