Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari Choose Simrad

Dolphin Explorer is the purpose-built tour vessel for Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari based in Auckland, New Zealand. The company’s 4.5-hour “eco-cruise” is rated as Auckland’s number-one boat tour by, and aims to provide passengers with unforgettable whale and dolphin sightings in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park area.

In a recent refit, Dolphin Explorer was upgraded with the latest Simrad Halo™ radar and Broadband Sounder™ sonar technology; these improvements have offered the crew of Dolphin Explorer new ways to locate whales and dolphins through their feeding habits.

"When you put the [Halo radar] picking up the birds … the CHIRP technology on the sounder picking up [plankton layers], your ability to transfer everything to the GPS with just a touch of a screen … well that’s come a long way."
- Andy Light, Senior Captain

Dolphin Explorer’s new radar and sonar technology is operated through an NSO evo2 glass bridge display system, providing intuitive touchscreen control while allowing crew to remain focused on their primary aim of ensuring a safe and enjoyable cruise.

In addition to usability, reliability was another key requirement; Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari operates daily cruises and offers charter services throughout the year, leaving little downtime for unscheduled maintenance.

"[The new NSO evo2 gear has] been a hundred per cent reliable. We have no issues with it, it’s so easy to use, it’s fantastic gear."
- Andy Light, Senior Captain

The comprehensive Simrad fit-out for 20-metre (65-foot) PowerCat Dolphin Explorer includes dual NSO evo2 marine processors with three 16-inch MO16-T marine monitors and OP40 alphanumeric keypad; SonarHub module with ForwardScan™ forward-looking transducer and B150M CHIRP transducer; Halo™ Pulse Compression radar with 6-foot array; AP70 autopilot controller with QS80 Quickstick, AC12 autopilot computer, and RF300 rudder feedback unit; IS40 digital instrument display; Precision9 solid-state compass; RC42 rate compass; GS25 GPS receiver; RS90 modular VHF marine radio with HS35 wireless handset; NEP-2 Network Expansion Port; and WiFi-1 wireless module.

5th Jul 2016