Announcing the new Simrad A2004 Autopilot Controller

Commercial-grade unit offers a full-colour display and easy to use rotary control dial and dedicated dodge keys

Egersund, Norway – Announcing the new Simrad A2004, a dedicated autopilot controller designed to meet the needs of workboat, commercial fishing and passenger vessel markets. The A2004 is perfect for vessels that don't require SOLAS Heading Control Systems but do require a proven autopilot interface backed by Continuum software for accuracy and ease of use. The autopilot's information is presented on a wide-angle and zero-fog colour display and is engineered for responsiveness and ease of use with a precision rotary control dial and dedicated buttons for instant access to steering modes, a custom-configurable work mode, and automated turn patterns.

The new Simrad A2004 autopilot builds upon the proven user interface and keypad layout of the Simrad AP70 and AP80 professional autopilot controllers and includes updated features compatible with the latest generation of Simrad radar, sonar, and ECDIS displays. A large aluminium rotary control dial enables quick but precise steering adjustments, while dedicated keys offer instant access to steering modes. All built-in controls are designed for ease of use with wet or gloved hands in commercial settings such as fishing vessels and workboats. The A2004 also supports a wide range of Simrad autopilot remote controls and steering levers.

To ensure visibility in all conditions, the A2004's colour LCD panel is optically bonded to its protective glass covering – eliminating the possibility of internal condensation. An ultra-wide 170 degree viewing angle means key autopilot information is clearly visible at a glance, from anywhere in sight of the display.

Autopilot settings can be tuned for ideal performance in separate low-speed, high-speed, and Work modes. The user-configurable Work Mode allows the autopilot system to be configured for optimal response in a specific situation, such as a fully-laden vessel.

"Reliable autopilot control is a vital part of onboard maritime operations," said Leif Ottosson, CEO, Navico. "The precision, functionality and ease of use of the new A2004 offers users powerful, practical and customizable features in a durable package."

The A2004 enables autopilot control of a single thruster via an optional AD80 or SD80 interface module. The thruster can be set to engage automatically below a user-defined speed threshold, and configured separately for normal and Work modes. The A2004 also supports specialized heavy-duty rudder feedback units designed for reliable operation aboard commercial vessels.

The Simrad A2004 autopilot will be available from July 2017.


31st May 2017